The Most Perfect DIY PVC Chicken Feeder Ideas

If you get a spare hour of time, you can create your own DIY PVC chicken feeders and waterers. The full thing can be created from PVC, so it’s not in any way costly.|If you are purchasing your chickens as chicks you have to construct a brooding box indoors or inside a garage or shed which can be dry and free of draft, you’ll also must maintain a heat lamp on your chicks for the first couple of weeks of their life.

There are lots of PVC chicken feeders, and several folks have gone with a design very similar to this one. We wanted a lot from our chicken feeder: it had to be easy to fill, hard to spill, safe from non-chicken life forms, weather resistant, easy to make, and inexpensive. We tried a number of other designs that worked to varying degrees, but this was the only one that did all we asked it to. Enjoy!

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